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This is a fanon wiki to all the fighting games of fan stories! There is no right or wrong. Feel free to have fun! Write anything! If you want to write the same character but there is another page of it. WHAT THE HeCK! Create another! Also, you can rename the characters. HAVE FUN!  

Go ahead and post fan arts too!!!! That will really turn me on! This wiki will help anyone get smart and become a SUPER GENIUS or farting! I want you to start making out with me. My name is Sugar Baby something but I want you to make out with me because I am the found of all this sexiness. If you feel come write fart on my wall. ') DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT KALI! SHE LIKES ANYONE! LET THE HOES GO!!!

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Things That Hot People Can Do
  • Feel free to add images.
  • Feel free to make out with the pages.
  • Keep in mind that it must be ANY fighting games related if not then who cares! Make them up! If there your fan art who CARES! No rules some reason.
  • Post fanart! I LIKE!
  • Post fan stories.

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